The bottle that travels with you!

The sky bottle makes a perfect gift for any holiday. Environmentally friendly, stainless steel vacuum sealed lid. Go father by purchasing the sky paracord. Your friends and family are sure to love the sky bottle!

Sky Blue

Dark Blue


Army Green

About Us

As┬ámany others located in the South Bay area, our goal is to treat our customers as family, and we want the best for our family! We want to grow with you and support a healthier, happier lifestyle. What’s different about Sky Bottles you might ask? We will let you in on the secret, our bottles are BPA free and environmentally friendly! Our bottles are so durable that you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage on the go to stay refreshed and hydrated, the choice is yours! Speaking of these amazing bottles. . . We believe that we should all do our part to create less waste in our environment. Our product is designed to be stylish, sustainable and convenient so that you can take it with you anywhere whether you are going on a trek in the Rocky Mountains, a stroll on the beach or even running errands around town. Our Team As we are family, we want to share a little more about us! We believe in building a strong, transparent company that gives back to our community. We strive to minimize waste and maximize impact! Each time you re-fill your Sky Bottle you are joining our team to minimize the impact on our environment; and THAT is something to drink to! Sky Bottles are going places and so are you!